A Perfect September

Local Vineyard

We have had a perfect September this year here in Provence. For people who aren’t tied to school holidays it really is a great time to visit. After the hustle and bustle of August everything slips easily back into a quieter, slower pace of life again.

Sunny days averaging around 25c make it ideal for exploring and enjoying being outside in the fresh air. It’s still warm enough to have a lazy day on the beach, even go in the sea! Or take a drive to marvel at the scenery along the Route Napoleon.

As Autumn now approaches and the leaves start to change colour and fall, the local vineyards are ready to be harvested, as we stroll along the many country lanes around where we live we can hear the chatter and laughter of the workers while they hand pick the grapes in the fields around Cabasse, an age old tradition, which eventually produces some of the best famous wines of Provence.

Much less traffic on the roads and fewer holiday-makers on the beach during September makes Provence even more appealing to visit, all within an hours drive from Camping Eden, Biot.